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We offer a single Diploma Course.

> Early Childhood Diploma Course

Course Description

The Early Childhood Diploma Programme offers a comprehensive study of Montessori theory and practice for individuals who aspire to work with children (2½– 6 years).
During the course of the programme, Adult Learners thoroughly explore the following;

  • Montessori philosophy and human development
  • Montessori curriculum – Practical Life, Sensorial, Maths, Language, Culture.
  • Material making
  • Classroom management

Adult Learners engage deeply with Montessori theory topics, which create the foundation for a Montessori teacher’s work and are constant reference points for the students’ understanding. Topics focus on Early Childhood development, educational theory, practical implementation, and classroom management from the Montessori perspective.

The Montessori classroom for 2½ to 6 years old children contains a large variety of materials for the development of coordination, the senses, life skills, literacy, and mathematical understanding. Opportunities for imaginative exploration abound, leading to confident and creative self-expression. Children achieve these developments through learning materials, games, and activities presented by the teacher.


The MACTE certified Diploma is awarded to Adult Learners who have successfully completed the course which comprises:

  • Lectures
  • Assignments
  • Assessed Album work
  • Project work
  • Substantial engagement in practice teaching in a reputable Montessori Children’s House.
  • Written and Oral Examinations
  • Short Courses
      • Montessori Philosophy
      • Practical Life
      • Sensorial Education
      • Montessori Language
      • Montessori Mathematics
      • Cultural Studies
      • Material making
  • Workshops and Seminars

“The whole concept of education changes. It becomes a matter of giving help to the child’s life, to the psychological development of man. No longer is it just an enforced task of retaining our words. This is the new path on which education has been put; to help the mind in its process of development, to aid its energies and strengthen its many powers.”
– Maria Montessori