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Please, find attached a list of frequently asked questions for our next course

How did the RMMC begin?

In the most summarised version, RMMC was birthed from a successful and proven track-record Montessori School, The Royal Master’s School, where teachers had been informally trained in the Montessori Method to implement with the students. After over 17 years of informal Training, our formal Training Centre, The Royal Master’s Montessori Centre, was birthed in September, 2018 with our pioneer Set of four Adult Learners.

What is the Program about?

In the most and very simplest terms, the program shows you the pattern devised by Maria Montessori; how to think about, work with and meet the social and educational needs of the 3-6 year old, a stage known as Early Childhood directly but with children aged 0-12 indirectly in the most complex and realistic terms, get the Training! 🙂 P.S: 0-3 is known as Assistants to Infancy and 6-12 is known as Childhood and they have their own specialised Montessori Training. However, we currently offer only Training at the 3-6 level which we advise is the best level and probably most important stage to begin .

Who is Maria Montessori?

We wonder with awe too! Regardless, Maria Montessori (1870-1952), was an Italian girl whose father desired for her to take on the normative careers for women of her day. This purpose of a woman defied the odds and went on to study Engineering, then returned to study Medicine (becoming the first Italian female Doctor of her day) then back to Education. Safe to say Daddy won? Regardless, she is a woman that we are all very grateful to for her years of service, dedication, patient observation and lasting contribution to the field of Education, especially Early Childhood Education with her groundbreaking ‘Montessori Method’. We thank God, her Creator for the gift of M.M.

What is the requirement for the program?

A minimum of a Bachelors degree, an open heart and an intrinsic motivation to take on this rigorous yet all-round rewarding Program. We will schedule an interview with you to give you the opportunity to demonstrate the latter two. 

How long does it last?

Our Full Time Programme lasts for 10 consecutive months and must happen for no less than 2 Academic Terms in total at an authentic Montessori Environment. 

I have never done anything in the Educational field. Can I still do this Program?

An adult learner from our pioneer set who had never been in the Education sector but was a parent to children who went to an authentic Montessori School, The Royal Master’s School had an unexpected career change. She was very impressed with the Academic and all round acumen of her children enrolled in our Training Centre and is today, the owner of a beautifully budding Montessori School. 

Is there an online option?

Unfortunately, no. The hands-on nature of Montessori makes it imperative for us to carry out our Training in person. 

I am a School Owner. Can I do my Teaching Practice in my school?

Absolutely! We encourage this. However, we also advise doing a period of your Teaching Practice at an authentic and proven Montessori school for you to see Montessori in action and receive further inspiration on how to implement this Method within your environment. 

What is MACTE?

The Montessori Accrediting Council for Teacher Education is an American organisation, headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia, dedicated to improving academic degree and certificate programs for Montessori professional educators who teach and lead in schools at the Infant and Toddler through Secondary II levels and to assure the public of their quality. The detailed and sound process for becoming a MACTE accredited Organisation ensures that graduates from such institutions are competent and qualitative Montessori professionals who are able to use this internationally recognised Certificate all over the world in the Montessori field. For more information, please visit their website. 

Is Montessori different from EYFS?

Yes please. Montessori is different from The Early Years Foundation Stage Aka British Curriculum both in Philosophy and Pedagogy. Get the Training and see for yourself 😊.

Will Teachers or Parents of Children with special needs benefit from this Training?

Oh yes! In ways you cannot put into words. Montessori discovered her method by chance whilst volunteering in an asylum where ‘idiot’ children had been dumped. The ignorance of her time was alarming and she was shocked at how children who we will diagnose with ‘Autism’, ‘Down Syndrome’, ‘ADHD’ etc. where excluded from society by even their parents! 

Will you consult for Montessori Start-Ups?

Yes, yes!  Please reach out to us to express your specific needs and we can discuss from there

What is a typical day at the Centre like?

Our Full-Time track runs from Monday to Thursdays from 8:00am to 1:30pm. However, there is the requirement for you to carry out unsupervised practice for a minimum number of hours. We say a prayer when we begin and sing our anthem, lectures begins until 10:00am when we have a 10 minute bladder break, after which it continues till 12:00 when we have a 30 minute lunch break.  Our lecture cycle rounds off at 1:30pm. 

What can I do with the Diploma?

There’s a buffet! Make your pick. Our alumnae have gone on to be Montessori Consultants, start up Schools, Special Education Consultants, Montessori Guides in existing schools, relocated to work in Montessori environments abroad, better mothers and more compassionate individuals! 

Are there discounts?

Yes! A one-off payment attracts a 15% discount while a two-instalment payment attracts a 10% discount! 

Who is the Trainer?

Our Programme Director is Mrs. Seniorba Olatunji. A phenomenal, gentle and unassuming force to be reckoned with in the Montessori World. ‘Senny’, as she is fondly called by her Montessori colleagues is accredited at all three levels (0-3, 3-6, 6-12) of Montessori from Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), basically the ‘Harvard’ of Montessori Training as the institute was started by Maria Montessori herself and passed on to her son, Mario. Seniorba is also the Executive Director and Founder of The Royal Master’s School, a Montessori School which she has successfully and excellently run for 20 years and counting. Her quest for excellence and authenticity in her work is unmatched whilst her passion for education is very highly contagious. She is a woman of knowledge, excellence, integrity, virtue, grace and most importantly, Prayer! A famous line of hers is, ‘I am not taking Montessori to heaven’ so best believe she is ready, with no holds barred, to pour everything she has learned in this field of Montessori and in the school of life into you. You would not desire any other trainer and you just might join the army of her past and ongoing trainees who fondly call her ‘mama!’ She is a sister, wife, mother, grandmother, dedicated educator and child of God. With Mrs. Olatunji as Programme Director and her team of Montessori Trained colleagues who handle some curriculum areas, you are getting the real deal with The Royal Master’s Montessori Centre! 💚

Why is the Training expensive?

‘Expensive’ is relative but without doubt, in the Nigerian context, this teacher training Program might be regarded as such whilst on a global market scale, we really are cheap! If same training was undertaken in another vicinity where the sanctity of the Teaching profession (and the rigour of the Montessori Method) was upheld, you will be paying up to 4x of what we currently charge. What we need is better enlightenment about the authentic Montessori Method in Nigeria, perhaps public or private funding would be made available to teachers with a genuine desire too.

How much does the Training cost?

As prices are constantly changing, we cannot give a definite answer but currently and for the foreseeable future, we ask candidates to budget 1,500,000NGN (this is a generous budget as the Training itself costly slightly less than this but will cover other expenses such as MACTE Fees, books, stationery etc.)

Do you do short Courses?

No, we don’t. However, we have Seminars and workshops which we host annually. Please be on the lookout for upcoming ones. 

Is the Institution religious?

We have no official religious affiliations; however, we are very proudly and very openly biblically Christian. Notwithstanding, our alumni consist of people from various belief systems.  

Are there scholarships?

Unfortunately, not currently. However, in the very nearest future if The Lord tarries, this will certainly be available strictly for those who through a rigorous process, demonstrate an unquenchable desire to work with children but simply do not have the funds to pay for the Training. Wait for it, it will surely come! 💚

Why are Montessori Schools expensive?

This was never designed that way. Montessori was never meant to be expensive, neither was it meant to exclusive or for a certain elite class. Montessori began in the slums of Rome. However, a Montessori classroom is a rich environment. It is filled with a variety of intentional materials for the children to work with. Because Montessori encourages Grace and Courtesy amongst students with patience being a virtue, it is rare to have 2 of the same material in the Environment to encourage patience amongst children. This way, it is important children are not left with nothing to do provided a material they desire to work with is currently in use. 

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes! We accept an interest fee payment of three instalments. Whilst payments of more than 3 instalments will attract an interest fee.