The Royal Master’s Montessori Centre was borne out of the Royal Master’s School!

The Royal Master’s School is a Montessori school and was established on the 17th September 2001. The Royal Master’s School has since employed members of staff members from internationally accredited training centres to sustain the integrity of the Montessori education standard. Thereafter the challenge of retraining the “trained” staff set in as there was a dearth of Montessori professionals. The School therefore decided to employ its own staff directly and then train them rather than re-training teachers who had a doubtful method of training.
For about seventeen (17) years the Royal Master’s School in service to humanity has provided community education, professional development, and rigorous teacher training free of charge.
In 2018, the Royal Master’s Montessori Centre was commenced as an early childhood training centre to prepare adult learners for life-changing careers working with children ages 21/2 – 6 years. Since our founding, Royal Master’s Montessori Centre has produced graduates.
In January 2020, the training centre hosted the on-site verification team from Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE), USA for the verification and attestation of the Royal Master’s Montessori Centre’s facilities and to certify the provisioning of Montessori professional training in Lagos, Nigeria.