It was a flurry of activities at The Royal Master’s Montessori Centre  (RMMC) as the Board of Directors and Programme Director played host to the Verification team of Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE), USA. The MACTE On-site verification team was there to inspect the facilities of The Royal Master’s Montessori Centre and to certify its authenticity.

The programme of events spanned three (3) days from Thursday, January 16 to Saturday, January 18, 2020. The activities included interviews with the Board members and Instructors, interviews of the Adult Learners (graduates and current students), observation of practical teaching by faculty members, Practicum site visitations including The Royal Master’s School which was highly commended for its high standard, review of the Albums and Projects submitted by the Adult Learners amongst others.

It rounded off with an Open House event where invited members of the learning community and general public were hosted by the Centre.

(L-R Ms. Ruth Ogaga, Team Lead, Ms. Tammy Oesting, Practitioner, Mrs. Seniorba Olatunji, Programme Director, Mr. Samuel Olatunji, Chairman, RMST)

The Chairman of the board, The Royal Master’s Montessori Centre and The Royal Master’s Schools Trust, Mr. Samuel Olatunji, expressed his profound gratitude to the Verification team, faculties and all members of staff for the successful occasion. The team was highly impressed with the exceptional facilities, library, materials and the quality of the Montessori Practice they observed at The Royal Master’s Montessori Centre.

The Programme Director of The Royal Master’s Montessori Centre Mrs. Seniorba Olatunji, explained that the formalisation of the training centre has taken up to a decade in preparation to materialise. She also explained the preference for MACTE affiliation for the training centre as MACTE is the foremost body recognized for Montessori accreditation worldwide.

Headquartered in Virginia, USA, MACTE’s operations extend to all the continents and is recognized as a leading authority in the assessment, evaluation and certification of Montessori Practice worldwide.

The Royal Master’s Montessori Centre is a growing centre which enrolled its pioneer students in 2018, and who successfully completed their programmes as Early Childhood Education Practitioners.  Currently, another set of Adult Learners are at the final stage of their programme.